Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Brilliance Game a board game or video game?

It’s neither! The Brilliance Game is a new game of life and a Spirit-led approach for living out your creative potential. Through Playshops, interactive community groups, journaling, and more, the Brilliance Game will help you create the clarity, space and focus needed to transform your life into your brilliant creation.

Do I have to play all the levels?

No. You may choose just to engage in the free Dare to Be Brilliant! program, play only Gamify Your Life, or go on to play all the levels. Each Playshop is self-contained and independently valuable.

Do I have to know what my brilliant gift is before I start?

No. The Brilliance Game was designed to help you manifest your unique brilliance. If you feel called to play, but aren’t sure what your brilliant gift is, you’re at the perfect place to start.

What is a brilliant gift?

A brilliant gift is something you create from your multifaceted whole self and share with others. Ideally, your brilliant gift will evolve into your brilliant employment and brilliant legacy.

What does G.O.D. stand for?

Generate, Offer, and Deliver. These are the three phases of bringing your Brilliant Gift to the world.

What is a brilliant legacy?

Your brilliant legacy is comprised of the brilliant creations you’ve chosen to polish, protect and package so they can continue to enrich the world long after your death.

Can I play the Brilliance Game while I’m in therapy?

Absolutely! Prior to signing up, please confirm with your therapist that growing your self-awareness, clearing your clutter, establishing a deeper connection with your indwelling Spirit, and focusing on what you wish to create in your life will enhance rather than detract from your therapeutic goals.

I’m recovering from addiction, can I play?

If you’re already in recovery, yes. The Brilliance Game has many tools that could help support your recovery. But if you have an active addiction, please seek other assistance first, and then decide whether playing the Brilliance Game is right for you.

Does Tess give talks or interviews?

Yes. If her topics are a good fit for your audience. Please contact us to set up a time to  discuss.