When the idea for the Brilliance Game first came to me, I had been working as a creative projects coach and block-clearing specialist to spiritual (but not necessarily religious) women for over thirteen years.

I had grown accustomed to my niche, and to my mission “to enrich the world with women’s brilliance,” so I didn’t see any reason to change my niche or mission for the Brilliance Game.

Plus I had good reasons NOT to change:

  • I was already known for my coaching and block-clearing work with women
  • I knew many women, but few men, who were actively seeking a Spirit-led approach for living out their creative potential
  • I believed the marketing experts who’d told me that it’s easier to market to a narrow audience than a broad one

And yet, despite all these good reasons, I felt a strong inner pull to expand my mission to be more inclusive.

I tried to resolve the tension I was feeling between the inner pull of my Spirit and the outer pull of my reason by creating a website for the Brilliance Game that was geared towards women but included the caveat that men could play too.

In spite of my best efforts, I wasn’t able to complete my website content, and my website project got stalled.

Rather than force the website project to completion, I decided to shift my focus to creating the components I would need for Dare to Be Brilliant! — a free Brilliance Game program that helps prospective players get into the playful, daring mindset that’s ideal for playing the Brilliance Game.

Each month, program participants receive a dare in the form of a sentence stem to complete. I always test everything before I teach it, and so I decided to test the first two dares on myself:

  1. Dare to start . . . .
  2. Dare to change . . . .

Dare #1 led me to “Dare to start talking my walk,” which led me to create this blog.

Dare #2 led me to “Dare to change my mission,” which led me to create this new, more inclusive mission statement:

Read Mission Statement

“I exist to inspire YOU to embrace a Spirit-led approach for living out your creative potential.”

~ Tess Daniel

The Brilliance Game is just one Spirit-led approach for living out your creative potential. It’s for the daring creators who resonate with it. I am aware that marketing experts will tell me I’m wrong not to be more specific about who it is for, but I’m choosing — and daring — to ignore the experts and follow my inner Spirit’s guidance because the biggest mistakes that I’ve made in my life have been when I’ve ignored my inner voice and followed other people’s “good advice.”

My mission makes space for other approaches, because, as much as I love and believe in the Brilliance Game, what matters most to me is that you find and embrace the Spirit-led approach that works for you.

If you’ve already found an approach that works for you, please let me know what it is in the comments section below. And if you haven’t found an approach yet, and would like to try the Brilliance Game, you can get started now by signing up for the free Dare to Be Brilliant! program.